courtesy of Lad Hanka

ArtPrize in Grand Rapids is usually swarming with people and this year it will be swarming with bees. Kalamazoo artist and beekeeper Ladislav Hanka has found an interesting way to let his bees collaborate on his artwork. 

The Great Wall of Bees: The Intelligence of the Bee Hive by Ladislav Hanka will be on display at the Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts in Grand Rapids through October 12.

Ann Sharkey inspects her hive on WMUK correspondent Joan Donaldson's organic fruit farm
Rebecca Thiele, WMUK

Despite the media’s out-pouring of articles about “colony collapse disorder” and about how pesticides are killing off bees, visitors to my organic blueberry farm often have not connected the dots between bees and fruit. 

Patricia Grupp inspecting her bee hive after the long, cold winter
Nancy Camden

The honey bee in the United States is suffering stress from pesticides, mites and what is termed Colony Collapse Disorder. Adding to that stress was this year’s long, cold winter which was fatal to many local bee colonies.