Berrien County

"The country's top law enforcement official offered to help Michigan authorities following a deadly shooting at a southwest Michigan courthouse. "As we gather here this morning, I know that we're all thinking of the two bailiffs who were killed and the sheriff's deputy who was wounded in a shooting at a courthouse in Michigan yesterday..." (MLive)

Update: The Berrien County Sheriff now says that the prisoner who shot and killed two bailiffs on Monday was wearing handcuffs at the time.  (Story from the Kalamazoo Gazette)

"Two bailiffs were killed and a deputy sheriff was wounded in a shooting this afternoon at a courthouse in southwestern Michigan, according to Berrien County Sheriff L. Paul Bailey. The suspected gunman was shot and killed. Multiple civilians were also wounded, and are in stable condition, as is the deputy sheriff." (NPR)

Shooting At Berrien County Courthouse

Jul 11, 2016

ST. JOSEPH, MI – Police were rushing to investigate a report of multiple shootings early Monday afternoon at the Berrien County Courthouse in downtown St. Joseph. (Mlive)

"ST. JOSEPH - The Berrien County Board of Commissioners on Thursday voted 7-5 to create the position of indigent defense administrator, who will be responsible for overseeing attorneys representing citizens who can't afford to hire a lawyer." (St. Joseph Benton Harbor Herald-Palladium)