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A pair of bills that are supposed to make Michigan’s roads safer for bicyclists are waiting for the Senate’s consideration.

One would require students in driver’s education classes to spend at least an hour learning to drive safely around “vulnerable” road users. The other would require drivers to pass cyclists with three feet of clearance when possible, and to pass them safely in any case.


(MPRN-Lansing) Survivors of last year’s deadly bike crash near Kalamazoo testified Wednesday before a state Senate committee in support of safety legislation. 

Biking Across Michigan For Kids With Diabetes

Aug 3, 2017
Tom Scheidel

Registration is still open for Third Coast Cycling's One-Day Ride Across Michigan. The League of Michigan Bicyclists started the annual event in the 1980's. Third Coast Cycling took over in 2009. One of the bike ride's organizers, Tom Scheidel, says it's gotten better over the last eight years.

Michigan Is 11th Highest In Bicyclist Deaths

Jul 4, 2017
Once a week, competitive cyclist Valerie Litznerski rides her bike to work. To avoid dangerous intersections, she says she cuts through apartment complexes, parking lots, and adds time to her ride.
Rebecca Thiele, WMUK

It’s been a little over a year since nine Kalamazoo bicyclists were struck by a pickup truck driver allegedly under the influence of prescription drugs. Five cyclists died and four were injured that day in June 2016.

Though that was only one incident, bike crashes in the state are nothing new. Between 2005 and 2015, Michigan ranked 11th highest for bike deaths per capita in the United States.

Rebecca Thiele / WMUK

Hundreds of people took part in a memorial bike ride in Kalamazoo Wednesday evening. The event marked one year since an allegedly drugged driver plowed into a group of cyclists riding on North Westnedge Avenue in Cooper Township.

Five people died in the crash and four others were seriously injured. On Wednesday, cyclists gathered at the Nazareth complex on Gull Road before the ride.