Bill Schuette

"Lansing — Attorney General Bill Schuette has collected about $116,000 in campaign contributions this year at five different fundraisers, even though he’s constitutionally barred from seeking re-election to his current post." (Detroit News)


Michigan may have to pay up to $2 million in legal fees related to the case that struck down the state’s same-sex marriage ban. 


The US Supreme Court has struck down an EPA rule that was challenged by the state of Michigan. 

Two reporters who were served subpoenas by the state Attorney General's office got a call from the boss himself Thursday to apologize. Attorney General Bill Schuette said he called Michigan Radio talk show host Cynthia Canty and Huffington Post political reporter Dana Liebelson Thursday to apologize for the subpoenas, which were ultimately withdrawn, and to say the mistake won't happen again. (Detroit Free Press)

Lansing — Attorney General Bill Schuette's office ordered and then withdrew three subpoenas of journalists reporting on a juvenile prisoner abuse lawsuit against the state, including one seeking a reporter's notes from interviewing inmates inside two state prisons. (Detroit News)