One in three adults over the age of 65 fall every year. It’s one of the leading causes of injury for older people. But balance can be improved and the risk of falling can be reduced. 


Borgess Injury Prevention Coordinator Megyn Gose says car crash rates peak between 16 and 17 years old. She says that's the time when drivers first hit the road without any restrictions. 

KALAMAZOO, MI – A number of Borgess Health employees received good news ahead of the holiday weekend Friday when its parent organization announced the company was raising the minimum wage for its member hospitals to $11 per hour. The change will impact 97 of Borgess Health's more than 4,200 employees, said Borgess spokesman Lew Tysman. (Kalamazoo Gazette)

Bobby Hopewell says new company is supportive of his role as Kalamazoo Mayor

Rebecca Thiele, WMUK

At first, the Borgess Resounding Spirit Choir might seem a little unorganized. Choir members are constantly getting up to answer pagers and phones. There are days when some of them come in late and days when some can’t come at all. Choir director Jeffrey Spenner says it took some getting used to.

“I’m conducting doctors and nurses and they have other things that they can and should be thinking about at times," he says. "So now, it’s to the point where I hardly even notice if someone gets up and leaves because of what they do or a pager going off or a phone going off.”