Bronson Park


Even an historic park needs an update from time to time. So says the City of Kalamazoo, which is proposing a host of changes to Bronson Park, the oldest and most iconic in town.

Those range from providing shade for event-goers at one end, to rearranging the park’s monuments and restoring Alfonso Iannelli’s Fountain of the Pioneers.


The City of Kalamazoo says it wants to hear from the public at city hall tomorrow.

County board is expected to take action at its next meeting December 16th

The city is considering purchasing Bronson Park from Kalamazoo County

To mark the 30th anniversary of Kalamazoo in Bloom—a county-wide beautification non-profit—each neighborhood in Kalamazoo has created a public art piece that will be on display Friday in Bronson Park during the Art Hop.