Bullock Performance Institute


Oystein Baadsvik emerged from a Norwegian music scene that boasted no small number of low brass players, as it turns out. Community brass bands are a popular activity in Scandinavia, but it is quite rare for a tubist to become a full-time concert artist without relying orchestra work and teaching. Oystein Baadsvik is that rare artist, and he joined Cara Lieurance to talk about his career and the music he'll perform tonight at 7:30 pm, in the Dalton Center Recital Hall at Western Michigan University.

Kristin Hoeberman

Tonight at 7:30 pm on the Live and Interactive! series at Western Michigan University, soloist Amy Porter will present a program of flute works, many of which have personal connections to her either as an area of specialization or as a work dedicated to her by a composer. In a conversation at WMUK with Cara Lieurance and Martha Councell-Vargas, professor of flute at WMU, she describes the two sides of her career: the world-traveled concert soloist, and the supportive "Professor Porter" for her students at the University of Michigan.


Henning Schroeder, who plays baritone saxophone with the renowned Capitol Quartet, is excited to bring the groundbreaking group and a program of fresh new music to the Live and Interactive! series presented by the Bullock Performance Institute at Western Michigan University. Now a professor of saxophone at Ohio Northern University, Schroeder earned a master's degree in saxophone performance at Western Michigan University in the mid-2000s. Schroeder tells Cara Lieurance about becoming the newest member of the Capitol Quartet, and the Pulitzer Prize-nominated work on the program, written for them by Carter Pann.


Tonight at 7:30 pm, renowned trombonist Jeremy Wilson will perform on the Bullock Performance Institute's Live and Interactive! Series. In a conversation with Cara Lieurance and WMU trombone professor Steve Wolfinbarger, he talks about becoming a trombonist in the Vienna Philharmonic at age 25, never having held an orchestral position before.

Pen Trio

The PEN Trio, formed by Nora Lewis, Eric Van Der Veer Varner, and Phil Paglialonga, is an oboe-clarinet-bassoon trio, or trio d'anches ("reed trio"). This type of trio became standard around the turn of the 19th century, when Trio d'Anches de Paris asked the best composers of their day to write works for their combination. Today, the PEN Trio continues to bring new works into the repertoire. In the studio at WMUK, the members of the PEN Trio and composer Charles Nichols talk with Cara Lieurance about the new works on tonight's concert.