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(MPRN-Lansing) Governor Rick Snyder has signed a controversial elections bill, but has called for a fix to clear up some confusion in the new law. 

Michigan Campaign Finance Network

The spending on political campaigns in Michigan last year was more likely to come outside groups than the campaigns of individual candidates. 

"WASHINGTON — Campaign and judicial watchdog groups released a report Thursday saying Michigan ranked highest in the nation in 2014 for election spending on its Supreme Court races." (Detroit Free Press)

"Spending and fundraising are down in this year's Battle Creek City Commission election, and Andy Helmboldt is the Nov. 3 race's top fundraiser so far. The at-large commissioner, who is seeking a third term, has raised $2,374 for his campaign, according to early financial reports filed last week." (Battle Creek Enquirer)

"Lansing — The wealthy DeVos clan outspent the entire United Auto Workers labor union in Michigan politics last year, as higher limits for individual contributions allowed the politically powerful west Michigan family to give more to Republican candidates than ever before." (Detroit News)