campaign finance

"LANSING — When Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder announced in 2013 that he was shutting down his controversial NERD Fund, it was in response to critics who complained the fund accepted more than $1.6 million in donations from corporations and other donors with no disclosure about who the donors were and how they might be linked to state contracts or important policy decisions." (Detroit Free Press)


Governor Rick Snyder has started a political fund to support candidates who share his centrist views on governing. The governor revealed his new political fund over the weekend at a Republican conference on Mackinac Island. 

"Lansing — Attorney General Bill Schuette has collected about $116,000 in campaign contributions this year at five different fundraisers, even though he’s constitutionally barred from seeking re-election to his current post." (Detroit News)

LANSING – The Safe Roads Yes campaign spent $9.3 million on the unsuccessful Proposal 1 campaign to increase the state sales tax to pay for roads — or about $26 for each yes vote, according to a report filed Thursday and the committee's treasurer. (Detroit Free Press)

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State Supreme Court Justice Richard Bernstein says he worked harder than other attorneys to do his job effectively. The Justice, who was born blind, says he also had to work hard to convince people he could do the job.