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State Supreme Court Justice Richard Bernstein says he worked harder than other attorneys to do his job effectively. The Justice, who was born blind, says he also had to work hard to convince people he could do the job. 

Democrats Unveil Bills to Increase Transparency

Mar 17, 2015
Kevin Lavery, WKAR

(MPRN-Lansing) New bills at the state Capitol seek to make state government more transparent. Among other things, the Democratic bills would ban the state from awarding contracts to some campaign contributors. 


State Representative Aaron Miller says he can support a tax increase as part of a comprehensive package for road funding. But he says lawmakers and the Snyder administration can do better than the plan which includes an increase in the state sales tax. 

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Michigan lobbyists spent more than $37-million trying to influence state lawmakers last year. 

Event in Washington D.C. coincides with Republican Attorney General Association's winter meeting