(MPRN-Lansing) A report says Michigan’s healthcare system does not do as well as other states in providing complete care for people with cancer. An American Cancer Society report is suggesting for what’s called patient-centered treatment. 

National Cancer Institute/Wikimedia Commons

When Kathryn Surprenant died in 2012, her death certificate initially listed cancer as the cause of death. But her husband Ken says there was more to the story. Kathryn Surprenant passed away after receiving the drug Fluorouracil of 5-FU. Now Ken Surprenant wants people to know more about the drug and ask more questions about treatment. 

Rebecca Thiele, WMUK

On Saturday, Kalamazoo glass artists and Bronson Hospital staff will make beads for child cancer patients. They’re called “Journey Beads,” and each one represents a type of treatment or therapy the kids have gone through.

South Haven woman fights for cancer survivors

May 31, 2013
Women Survivors Alliance

June 2nd is National Cancer Survivor’s Day. Judy Pearson of South Haven is a breast cancer survivor and the co-founder of the Women Survivors Alliance. She and another cancer survivor, Karen Shayne, say want to support millions of other women survivors as they move through and beyond treatment. They began working on the issue four years ago.