Cara Lieurance

Chad Boorsma

A major work by English composer John Rutter, his Mass Of The Children, will unite the Kalamazoo Singers and the Kalamazoo Children's Chorus this Sunday at First United Methodist Church. Conductors Rick Phelps (Kalamazoo Singers) and Fred Sang (Kalamazoo Children's Chorus) will also lead each others' ensembles in various choral works. 

On Tuesday night at the New Vic Theatre in Kalamazoo, flutist Mira Shifrin will present 'An Evening of Beautiful Melodies.' It's a program she's been dreaming up for a long time: showcasing the deep lyricism of the instrument rather than its high-speed bird-like tendencies. She joins Cara Lieurance in WMUK's Takeda studio to preview the concert by playing selections by Reinecke and Mozart.

Benjamin Britten was an opera composer. He may be best known for his Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra, but it is in his stage works that his genius shines most brightly. Caleb Williams, music director at Portage Chapel Hill Methodist Church, fell in love with Britten's mini-opera Noye's Fludde (Noah's Flood) during his post-graduate study at Boston University. This weekend, he will conduct a performance with the participation of singers Carl Ratner (Noah), David Little (God), Chelsea Helm, Katelin Meffert, Andrew Miller, Kaitie Badalamenti, Colleen Stano Williams, and Melanie Walker. Organist Carl Doubleday, pianist Barbara Hong, the PCHUM Chancel and Children's Choirs, and members of the Kalamazoo Recorder Players and the Kalamazoo Junior Symphony are also featured.

Paul Marc Mitchell

  Pianist Joseph Moog, a native of Ludwigschafen, Germany and a two-time winner of the International Classical Music Awards, is the next pianist to appear on The Gilmore's Rising Stars Series.  In a conversation with Cara Lieurance, Mr. Moog relates how his musician parents first introduced a piano to the home. For a couple of years before formal training began, the toddler used it as a musical playground for his own melodies and improvisations.

French pianist Heléne Grimaud makes her first appearance in West Michigan in a Piano Masters Series recital presented by The Gilmore on Thursday, April 16. In March, she spoke with Cara Lieurance about her program from one of her tour stops in Luxembourg.