charter schools

"KALAMAZOO, MI -- While enrollment is largely flat this fall among Kalamazoo-area school districts, the student counts at charter schools serving the general population are down 14 percent compared to fall 2014, according to figures supplied this week by local school officials." (Kalamazoo Gazette)

"Detroit — Michigan's proliferation of charter schools is easing for the first time in years. Only seven new charter schools will be opening in the state in the fall — the fewest since the Legislature lifted the cap on university-authorized charters in 2011, the Michigan Association of Public School Academies is announcing Tuesday." (Detroit News)

"The state needs a moratorium on the opening of new charters in order to provide enrollment stability for Michigan schools, must address the needs of high-poverty students and must address the needs of districts that are spiraling into financial disaster, State Superintendent Mike Flanagan told members of the Legislature this morning." (Detroit Free Press)

State School Superintendent Mike Flanagan has threatened to revoke the ability of some universities and other organizations to authorize charter schools unless they improve student achievement and business transparency.


Michigan School Superintendent Mike Flanagan has threatened to pull the authority of some organizations sponsoring charter schools. But the Gongwer News Service reports that Richard McLellan, an attorney who drafted the state’s charter school law, says Flanagan will have to come up with suspension rules before he pulls the plug on any authorizing agency. McLellan says the process must allow appeals, including court challenges.