City of Kalamazoo

"KALAMAZOO, MI -- A water quality questionnaire and letter that appears to have been sent to city of Kalamazoo water customers from the city is fake, city administration said Tuesday. The questionnaire says the recipient "has been randomly selected to participate" in a water quality study being conducted by the city, and is signed by a Donna Princinsky." (MLive/Kalamazoo Gazette)


Two of Kalamazoo’s most important thoroughfares – Michigan Avenue and Stadium Drive - do little to accommodate non-motor traffic.

The City of Kalamazoo says it will help residents clean-up after recent storms with special brush pick-ups this month. The city's Department of Public Services says the pick-ups will start next Monday and run through the 26th.

The pick-ups will be in areas where the city hasn't picked up storm debris so far. According to a news release issued by the city, the three areas affected by the pick-ups next week are:

M43 to the south city limits from Drake Road to Oakland Drive

The city faces a $188 million liability for covering health insurance for retired city employees.

Nancy Camden / WMUK

When the City of Kalamazoo built its first wastewater treatment plant to handle the raw sewage that had previously been dumped directly into the Kalamazoo River, it used the simple process of allowing solid material settle to the bottom of collection tanks. But with residents and businesses using more chemicals these days, the process needed to clean up sewage water is much more complex. It is admittedly not something most people think about, or want to. But it is necessary to prevent pollution.