Sehvilla Mann / WMUK

Lisa Duke stands by a lake at the Kellogg Bird Sanctuary near Augusta. A variety of birds stand near the shore: mallard ducks, Canada geese and, much taller than everyone else, trumpeter swans. With mating season on the way, Duke says they’ve got moves to practice.

"The newer pairs, they do this head bob in unison. So they keep practicing their head bobs and calls together and it kind of reinforces that pair bond," she says while swans trumpet nearby.

Winterkill occurs during long, harsh winters, particularly in shallow lakes

Birds have been deemed a nuisance, harmful to native species and the environment

Bringing back ancient landscapes

Nov 25, 2012
Joseph MacIntosh clears brush at the Ft. Custer State Recreation area.
Brian Petersen, WMUK

Over the past several hundred years, southwest Michigan’s landscape has changed dramatically. But what did it look like before European colonization?