downtown Kalamazoo


Kalamazoo City Planner Rebekah Kik says she wants big ideas for updating the city’s master plan. She says people shouldn’t worry about cost or feasibility in the early stages. 


Downtown Kalamazoo may be a place for dining and cultural attractions. But more people are thinking it’s also a place to live. 

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A parking plan for downtown Kalamazoo is on hold for at least a little while. On Monday the city’s Downtown Development Authority said the proposed five-year plan needs more work before the Authority can vote on it.

Robbie Feinberg

Two development groups have differing visions for developing the Arcadia Commons West property in downtown Kalamazoo. They pitched their ideas to a task force on  Thursday. 

"KALAMAZOO, MI – The public will get a chance Thursday to hear two teams of professionals explain why they'd be the best choice to help craft a development plan for a big chunk of downtown Kalamazoo." (Kalamazoo Gazette)