3:07 pm
Mon March 25, 2013

Mattawan teacher union dues agreement in limbo

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While most teacher contracts in southwest Michigan run out this year, the contract for teachers in the Kalamazoo Public Schools doesn't expire until 2015.
MATTAWAN, MI -- Officials at Mattawan Consolidated Schools are backing off a tentative agreement with the Mattawan Education Association to mandate union dues for teachers through June 2016. Mattawan teachers already had approved an agreement to maintain so-called "agency-shop" status for the MEA, and needed the school board's approval of the pact before Michigan's new right-to-work law takes effect this Thursday.
12:53 pm
Mon March 25, 2013

US Supreme Court to hear Michigan affirmative action case

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The high court will hear the case when its new term begins this fall.
At issue in the Michigan affirmative action case is whether states are free to replace race-conscious affirmative action admissions plans with race-neutral alternatives. The US Supreme Court on Monday agreed to examine whether a 2006 ballot initiative banning affirmative action at public universities in Michigan violates the equal protection rights of minorities.
2:33 pm
Mon February 25, 2013

Is Head Start in KRESA's future?

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The program is currently run by Kalamazoo County's Health and Human Services Department.
KRESA will likely know in the spring who is successful receiving the grant, Kristi Carambula said. However, KRESA is operating as if it will take control of the program. "We're planning on it being at KRESA," Carambula said. KRESA staff is meeting weekly with the current Head Start staff to prepare for a transition.
11:40 am
Wed January 30, 2013

State Superintendent Promotes Increasing Teacher Salaries to Lure More Math and Science Teachers

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The state superintendent says a lot of students don't see teaching as high-paying career, but this could change if teaching salaries become more competitive.
LANSING, MI -- State Superintendent Mike Flanagan says bumping teacher salaries up to $100,000 would encourage more qualified math and science students - as well as working professionals - to consider a career in education.
3:07 pm
Thu January 17, 2013

New Otsego scholarship "inspired" by the Kalamazoo Promise

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The fund will generate $65,000 a year to help Otsego High School graduates attend college through 2016. After that the amount available will depend on how well the fund's investments do.
OTSEGO, MI -- The Kalamazoo Promise was the inspiration for siblings Ruth and Emil Popke Jr. to create a new scholarship program for Otsego High School graduates, says Bill Vandersalm, the Popkes' attorney. The Popke Family High School Scholarship Fund, which has an initial endowment of $2 million from the estate of Emil "Bud" Popke Jr., was unveiled Tuesday by Otsego school officials.