(MPRN-Lansing) Governor Rick Snyder and state environmental officials have declared western Lake Erie is an “impaired” waterway that needs to be cleaned up. 

An aerial photo of Chicago at night
Jim Richardson/International Dark-Sky Association

We know that light pollution makes it harder to see the stars - about 66 percent of people living in the United States can't see the Milky Way at night. But you might not know that light pollution also causes health problems and wastes billions of dollars in electricity every year. J. Kelly Beatty is the award-winning senior editor of Sky and Telescope Magazine. On November 4th, he’ll give a talk as part of the Kalamazoo Astronomical Society’s 80th anniversary celebration.

A partially constructed wind tunnel. A new type of wind power from the Sheerwind Company based in Minnesota. It funnels wind to increase wind speeds that then blow past propellers to make energy.
Rebecca Thiele/WMUK

The Michigan National Guard and the Air National Guard will work to make its bases - and the communities near them - resilient to climate change. This comes three years after President Obama signed an Executive Order that instructs federal agencies to help state and local leaders prepare for extreme weather caused by climate change. 

The EPA's current plan for Allied Paper Landfill
courtesy photo

It looks like the hazardous waste at Kalamazoo’s Allied Paper Landfill is here to stay. On Friday, the EPA released their final cleanup plan for the Superfund site. The mound of PCB contaminated soil will be consolidated to about half its size, leaving some of the land for redevelopment. 

An Old Spot pig at the Virtue Cider farm in Fennville
Rebecca Thiele, WMUK

A Southwest Michigan cider maker will use pigs to help combat pests in its orchard. Virtue Cider in Fennville bought 18 Glouchestershire Old Spot pigs - also called “orchard pigs.” They’re known for eating bug-ridden apples that fall on the ground.