The EPA's current plan for Allied Paper Landfill
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The public has little more than a week to comment on a plan for the Allied Paper Landfill site. The Environmental Protection Agency and the City of Kalamazoo collaborated to come up with the design. It would cap the toxic PCB waste, but leave more room for redevelopment. But Thursday night, one company suggested the city take a different approach. 


(MPRN-Lansing) State energy regulators have approved a rate increase for customers of one of Michigan’s largest utilities – in part to pay for operating and then closing soon-to-retire coal-fired power plants. 

"Gray wolf populations in Michigan and other Great Lakes states have recovered to the point they no longer should be considered an endangered species. That message came Wednesday not from hunting groups, but from 26 scientists — many having advocated for the wolves' protection in years past." (Detroit Free Press)

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Elevated levels of lead in Flint’s drinking water and a long-delayed and much criticized study of the aging oil pipeline underneath the Straits of Mackinac have a common thread in the eyes of commentator Gary Wilson. 

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As the craft beer market gets larger, breweries in Michigan and across the country are growing and expanding their production lines. But that growth comes at a cost. More beer equals more wastewater, and wastewater costs a lot of money to get treated. However, in Michigan, one local brewery has found its own solution.  And one researcher is studying how algae could potentially transform this wastewater into fertilizer, medicine or even fuel.