FIRE historical and cultural arts collaborative

Rae'sheana Robertson reading a new poem at Fire Historical and Cultural Arts Collaborative's monthly poetry night.
Rebecca Thiele, WMUK

There’s a reason why we celebrate Black History Month every February. Decades after the Civil Rights Movement, the political leaders, inventors, and artists in U.S. history books are still overwhelmingly white. But a new program by Fire Historical and Cultural Arts Collaborative in Kalamazoo aims to help students learn about diverse authors and orators. 

Queer Theatre Kalamazoo

Five years ago, Detroit playwright Shawntai Brown wrote a series of six stories for the stage based on the popular Showtime series The L Word. She called it “eLLe."

Erin Williams

Tonight, poet Darius Gardner will be performing spoken word in conjunction with the Black Arts Festival. It's one of three performances he's got scheduled this weekend. 

But when we met a week ago, he was still deciding what to write and perform. It’s all part of his process.

The cast of 'I Ain't Afraid of No Xenu'
Laura Henderson

This past weekend, Queer Theatre Kalamazoo premiered their first show. A ten minute long Star Wars parody followed by the play I Ain’t Afraid of No Xenu.

Denise Miller reading her poem "Speak Easy" at Fire Historical and Cultural Arts Collaborative.
Rebecca Thiele / WMUK

At Fire Historical & Cultural Arts Collaborative, three women are taking the negativity of sexual abuse and speaking their truth to power. 

Denise Miller, co-founder of Fire Historical & Cultural Arts Collaborative, along with Melissa Dey Hasbrook and Laura Sprague will be presenting "Balance," two nights of performing arts focused on moving forward after surviving child sexual assault.