Gary Peters

Citing the recent beating of a black Detroit man by a white Inkster police officer, and simmering tensions in cities such as Ferguson and Baltimore, U.S. Sen. Gary Peters called for a national commission to ease the country's law enforcement woes and help ensure justice. (Detroit Free Press)

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U.S. Senator Gary Peters says students who default on a student loan deserve a chance to clear their credit rating.

LANSING, MI — College graduates who default on private student loans could get a second chance at a good credit score if legislation proposed by Sen. Gary Peters becomes federal law. In an announcement at Michigan State University on Monday, Peters announced the introduction of the Fair Student Credit Act. The bill would allow students with private loans to have their default wiped from their credit report and their credit rehabilitated if they made a series of nine consecutive monthly payments. (MLive)

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U.S. Senator Gary Peters says proposed bi-partisan legislation would help reduce government spending in a common sense fashion. 

Robbie Feinberg

U.S. Sen. Gary Peters stressed the importance of medical training and research on a stop in Kalamazoo earlier today.

Peters, who was elected to the Senate in late 2014, arrived in the city to tour Western Michigan University’s new Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine. The senator met with business and university leaders, but it was Stryker Dean Hal Jenson who led the tour, demonstrating cutting-edge technologies in the school like an eight-classroom simulation center, with life-like mannequins for students to practice operating on.