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State Capitol - file photo
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Jane Briggs-Bunting says the Freedom of Information Act should give the public access to records so they know what their elected representatives are doing. The problem is Michigan’s law exempts the state Legislature and the Governor and Lieutenant Governor’s office.

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(MPRN-Lansing) Democratic and Republican candidates for state office want to increase transparency in Michigan’s government. 

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WMUK’s Local Government and Education Reporter Sehvilla Mann wanted more “pieces of the puzzle” to find out what’s happening in local government. So nearly two years ago she started requesting the work calendars of top administrators in Kalamazoo County, and the cities of Kalamazoo and Portage.

Lt. Governor Brian Calley
State of Michigan website

(MPRN-Mackinac Island) Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley is raising his profile ahead of an anticipated run for governor next year. 


(MPRN-Lansing) A left-leaning group has filed a lawsuit to find out how often Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette and his aides used private e-mail accounts to discuss public business.