Grand Rapids

"GRAND RAPIDS, MI – A lot of people visit Grand Rapids just for its craft beer - to the tune of a $12.23 million economic impact. A recent study commissioned by marketing group Experience Grand Rapids concluded that more than 42,000 beer tourists visit the city annually, spending $7.05 million directly at craft breweries. Of those visitors, more than 13,000 are from outside Michigan. (MLive)

A still photo from a video Nabil Mousa made about the creation of his work called "Paradise Built on the Bones of the Slaughtered"
Nabil Mousa

This is the last weekend for ArtPrize in Grand Rapids. While more than 1,500 art pieces are on display. Every year 100 to 200 entries selected for the competition never find a venue. That means they were accepted, but no one agreed to host the art.

"GRAND RAPIDS, MI - A day after her 40th birthday, Rosalynn Bliss has been elected the city's 59th mayor, and she becomes the first female to win the job." (MLive/Grand Rapids Press)

Dallas event will use same structure as ArtPrize in Grand Rapids

Both the prosecutor's office and the city say the issue is likely to go before the state Supreme Court