great lakes history

Courtesy Heritage Museum and Cultural Center

July 24th marks the 100th anniversary of a huge, yet largely forgotten event in Great Lakes history: the wreck of the SS Eastland. Its story is tragic. June 24, 1915. Thousands board the Eastland from Chicago, including hundreds of Western Electric workers. And then, while still docked, the Eastland tips over, with passengers still on board. People rush to help, but more than 800 die.

Valerie van Heest

The bottom of the Great Lakes is like an open history book to diver and shipwreck explorer Valerie van Heest of Holland, Michigan. She’ll talk about her explorations during a presentation sponsored by the Vicksburg Historical Society. It starts Tuesday, August 20th, at 7 p.m. in the Vicksburg Community Center at the corner of Main and Prairie.