Great Lakes


U.S. Senators Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow have introduced legislation designed to prevent oil spills on the Great Lakes. The Michigan Democrats unveiled the bills on Wednesday.  Peters joined WMUK to discuss the proposals.

"Researchers predict a “severe” season for the harmful algal blooms in Lake Erie’s troublesome western basin — worse than the blooms last summer that led a two-day shutdown of water to more than 400,000 residents in Toledo and Michigan’s Monroe County." (Detroit News)


(WDET-Undated) Water levels in Lake Michigan are almost a foot higher than they were last year, and are still rising. 


(MPRN-Undated) Gov. Rick Snyder spent part of the weekend in Quebec discussing issues affecting the Great Lakes. 

iStock/Elizabeth Quillian

Commentator Gary Wilson says "everything lined up politically" for Great Lakes issues in about 2008. But he says that is likely to change with the next Presidential election, regardless of the outcome in 2016.