Great Lakes

Got Pollution? Lake Ontario City Puts It In Giant Box

Feb 1, 2017
iStock/Elizabeth Quillian

Imagine a huge steel box – whose lid is 10 football fields across. That’s what the city of Hamilton is building on the western end of Lake Ontario. It’s designed to clean up the most polluted spot on Canada’s side of the Great Lakes. And as Veronica Volk with Great Lakes Today reports, residents hope it will improve Hamilton’s reputation too. 

File photo of the South Haven lighthouse

Great Lakes Echo Commentator Gary Wilson says this year’s election should have taught everyone the hazards of making predictions. So instead of forecasting how President-elect Donald Trump will address the Great Lakes, Wilson has some suggestions. 

(MPRN-Lansing) Governor Rick Snyder and state environmental officials have declared western Lake Erie is an “impaired” waterway that needs to be cleaned up. 


Reporter Elizabeth Miller says that seeing beaches in Ohio without lifeguards made her think about the issue of drowning on the Great Lakes. 

"In June, a modern original Viking longboat and a 170-foot Spanish Galleon replica entered the Gulf of St. Lawrence en route to a summer of sailing on the five Great Lakes. Along the way, American and Canadian onlookers on both sides of the international border thronged the St. Lawrence River..." (MLive)