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Matt Sedensky, The Associated Press

West Michigan Congressman Fred Upton says the bottom line on Flint is “It never should have happened.” He says now it’s important to help families in that city. 

Family Health Center


The CEO of the Family Health Center of Kalamazoo says if they were going to reach Kalamazoo Public School students and offer them basic health care, the clinic would have to come to them. 


(MPRN-Lansing) About 600,000 Michiganders will be able to stay on the state’s expanded Medicaid program. 


Kalamazoo physician Ken Fisher says health savings accounts and high-deductible insurance plans would be the best way to fix health care, and could replace the current system. 


The chairman of the Missouri Chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program says the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, does many things to help Americans, and will save lives. But Ed Weisbart says it doesn’t “go far enough.”