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State Offers Sexual Assault Prevention Grants

Aug 6, 2015

The state is asking colleges and universities to submit proposals to help prevent campus sexual assaults. It will award $500,000 in grants to help fund programs that are approved.

First Lady Sue Snyder is leading the effort. She detailed the grant process during a press call on Wednesday.

“The grants will be rewarded to schools with innovative, different, and forward-thinking project proposals who also showcase the spirit of collaboration in their project proposals,” said Snyder.

"Hope College will be extending benefits to same-sex spouses of college employees as a result of the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling." (Holland Sentinel)

"More than 20% of undergraduate female students at the University of Michigan say they experienced some sort of non-consensual sexual behavior in the past year, a new survey shows. About 12% of female undergraduates say they experienced non-consensual sexual penetration." (Detroit Free Press)

Western Michigan University

Western Michigan University President John Dunn will be at a meeting of the Board of Directors for the American Council on Education on Monday. At those meetings he would often see former Western President Elson Floyd. Floyd died on Saturday of complications related to cancer. He was 59. 

Washington State University/Wikimedia

When Elson Floyd became President of Western Michigan University in 1998, at 42 he was young for a college president. At the time he was younger than any president of a state university in Michigan. Floyd's death from complications related to colon cancer came Saturday at the young age of 59.