Robbie Feinberg

For anyone who’s ever lost a parent or grandparent, the emotional trauma can hurt badly. But what can make it worse is their memories and history are often lost with them. One Michigan-based hospice network, though, has brought in a program that works to preserve those memories for future generations.

WASHINGTON — Think of your biggest move ever and how many boxes it took: What, 20? Thirty? More? How about 550? The University of Michigan's Bentley Historical Library had a celebration this afternoon welcoming the voluminous papers and other materials compiled by former U.S. Rep. John Dingell during a record-setting 59 years in Congress, a collection that would fill more than 550 ten-inch-by-12-inch-by-15-inch bankers boxes. (Detroit Free Press)

WMU Archives and Regional Collections

How did a lighthouse keeper spend his time in South Haven in the 1870's? Logbooks shed some light on that time and are being digitized at Western Michigan University. 

Harry DeMaso served 20 years in the state Senate after 10 years in the state House

Benjamin Pritchard led mission to capture Confederate President