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"Lansing - Attorney General Bill Schuette has called a Monday afternoon press conference to discuss criminal charges filed against Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings. Schuettte will be joined by Ingham County Sheriff Ingham County Sheriff Gene Wriggelsworth, according to an advisory. They will offer brief remarks on "the charges and arrest" of Dunnings." (Detroit News)

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The problem of human trafficking – the sale of human beings for labor and sex work -- isn’t new. For years, trafficking has taken place out of the public eye, in classified pages and hotel rooms. But starting this year, Michigan is taking a new approach to catching traffickers. Instead of only focusing on training police about trafficking, a new partnership will now train hotel and motel staff across Michigan – anyone from housekeepers to management – on how to recognize the crime and act themselves.

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State Senator Judy Emmons says it's hard to gather data on human trafficking because "it's so deeply hidden." Emmons spoke to WMUK ahead of two public forums Monday with human trafficking survivors. One in Lawrence and one in Grand Rapids. 

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U.S. Senator Gary Peters says proposed bi-partisan legislation would help reduce government spending in a common sense fashion. 

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The state is setting in motion its plan to combat human trafficking, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette told an audience in Kalamazoo yesterday evening.

Earlier Thursday state lawmakers announced that they would seek changes in the way state law treats victims of sex trafficking so they’re not prosecuted for prostitution. Advocates also say they’re working hard to raise public awareness of an issue they say hides in plain sight.