8:49 pm
Tue November 26, 2013

New group seeks to preserve future wolf hunts in Michigan

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About 258,000 signatures needed to send bill to the Legislature
LANSING, MI -- With Michigan's first-ever wolf hunt well underway, a new coalition of conservationists and sportsmen is seeking to protect future hunts from a planned voter referendum. A group calling itself Citizens for Professional Wildlife Management on Tuesday announced plans to launch a petition drive for citizen-initiated legislation that would affirm the Michigan Natural Resource Commissions' ability to designate game species and issue fisheries orders.
6:06 pm
Sun November 3, 2013

Exaggerated account of wolf sighting led to effort to allow wolf hunt

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Investigation finds actual incident became basis of "Michigan myth"
IRONWOOD, MI -- Mythical moments are born from small facts. They can become untruths. This is an example. The wolf and the dog are nearly nose to nose, perhaps five feet apart, eyes locked.