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An Indiana University instructor says while members of the Islamic State, or ISIS, are very disciplined, they aren't capable to carrying out their plans right now. 

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Iraq Oil Report founder Ben Lando says in many ways Iraq is close to "falling apart." 

WMU Student Worries as Fighting Rages in Kurdistan

Sep 23, 2014
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The “Islamic State” crisis in the Middle East may seem a distant concern to many people in this country. But for at least one student at Western Michigan University, it literally hits home. Dlawar Mohammad Abdulraham lives in safety here in U.S. But he knows that his family back home in Iraqi Kurdistan lives a completely different life – one full of terror, worry, and the fight to stay alive.

President Obama has said U.S. combat troops will be sent to Iraq for combat

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Kalamazoo native Ben Lando has witnessed violence in Iraq up close. He says the latest wave of attacks marks an "evolution."