Kalamazoo City Commission

Residents in the city could see rates go up 5%, customers outside the city would see a 4% increase

Sehvilla Mann / WMUK

Kalamazoo City Commissioners say community involvement would be  key to the effectiveness of a proposed anti-poverty initiative.

Commissioners Don Cooney and Stephanie Moore introduced plans for a program called Kalamazoo United for Shared Prosperity or KUSP at a packed meeting at City Hall last night. Among other ideas, they suggested creating a task force to consider solutions and expanding local data collection after the example of Calhoun County’s Coordinating Council.

One report estimates that 46% of the city's children live in poverty

City hopes to buy the downtown park from the county



Kalamazoo Gazette reporter Emily Monaceill examined the numbers after Kalamazoo's early retirement program wrapped up in January.