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Imagine this: You're heading home from an international trip, and you get questioned by U.S. Customs and Border Protection because authorities are unfamiliar with your disability. For one Kalamazoo College student, this was her story earlier this year. However, now the incident has inspired a new effort at creating understanding between authorities and those who stutter.

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The mother of a 12 year old boy who was shot and killed by Cleveland police in 2014 says the lack of charges in the case is evidence of a broken system. 

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The Pew Research Center finds that more people in the United States finds that more people don’t have any religious affiliation. Pew Center Senior Researcher Jessica Hamar Martinez will discuss those findings Tuesday night at Kalamazoo College. 

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Murder. Kidnapping. Thievery. All this evil is crammed into into one 60-minute play -- Family Crimes -- premiering this weekend at Kalamazoo College. The play, written and directed by K College senior Belinda McCauley, looks at three generations of Latina women and the so-called crimes committed by each of them. But this play isn’t about bad people. In fact, it uses their crimes to explore the deep issues that Latina women face in today's society.

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Kalamazoo College has announced its next president. Jorge Gonzalez, a top administrator at Occidental College in Los Angeles says he’s thrilled that he’ll be leading the school.

The college announced the decision late this morning at a ceremony in Stetson Chapel.