Kalamazoo County

Voters in Kalamazoo County have approved a property tax proposal intended to help homeless families find housing. The millage passed with 56 percent of the vote.

Public Housing Commission member David Artley says he expects the funds to make a difference for hundreds of families.


Voters in Kalamazoo County will decide whether to approve a property tax proposal on Tuesday. It would raise money over six years to help homeless families find housing. Supporters say it’s essential that children have homes or they won’t do well in school and won’t thrive as adults. But opponents say there are better ways to help them.

"KALAMAZOO, MI — Three public entities are eyeing the former Performance Paper Inc. land in Kalamazoo as the site of a future public health campus. Kalamazoo County, the Family Health Center and the Michigan Department of Human Services are looking to build on the site, said Jerome Kisscorni, city of Kalamazoo economic development director and assistant city manager." (Kalamazoo Gazette)

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Kalamazoo County has adopted a budget for 2016. The Board of Commissioners voted 9-2 to approve the $87 million-and-change appropriation for next year.

Board Chair John Taylor says the county is in excellent financial shape and did not have to cut any programs against its will.

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The Kalamazoo Humane Society says it will not be sharing a building with Kalamazoo County Animal Services and Enforcement. That's a reversal of two years of plans for the organizations to share a space, with the Humane Society as owner and the county as its long-term tenant.

An two-year-old agreement that would have allowed the county to rent-long term from the Humane Society expired this month.

On Wednesday the Humane Society said it had come to agree with the county that each group would be best served by building its own building.