Kalamazoo County

Kalamazoo County has decided not to build a new health department building on a City of Kalamazoo brownfield. 

Andy Robins / WMUK

The race for sheriff in Kalamazoo County this fall pits a two-term Democratic incumbent against the Republican who’s vice-chairman of the county commission.

Andy Robins / WMUK

Efficiency, diversity, and the best way to use an expanded jail are among the issues dividing the candidates for Kalamazoo County prosecutor. Voters will pick either incumbent Democrat Jeff Getting or Republican challenger Don Smith on Tuesday, November 8.

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Every four years, Kalamazoo elects a County Clerk and Register of Deeds. The longtime incumbent says he runs things smoothly, but the challenger says he could do better.  

Sehvilla Mann / WMUK

Veterans services were back on the table last night as the Kalamazoo County Commission considered next year’s budget.