Kalamazoo Promise


An encore presentation of a WestSouthwest on the Kalamazoo Promise and the "bang for the buck" of scholarship programs. 

Andy Robins / WMUK

A new scholarship at Western Michigan University hopes to boost the Kalamazoo Promise and make Kalamazoo’s teaching force more diverse. University and Kalamazoo Public School officials announced the "Future Educators" project Friday.


What has a decade of the Promise meant for Kalamazoo? That was the topic of discussion during a special recording on Monday at the Epic Theater in Kalamazoo.


Upjohn Institute for Employment Research Economist Tim Bartik says the Kalamazoo Promise has provided a natural experiment of how scholarship programs work. 

Learning Network of Greater Kalamazoo

Getting to college means getting through the admission process, and finding the money to pay for it. That can be complicated for everyone, more so for a student from the first generation in their family to go to college.