Kalamazoo Public Library

Hunting for Michigan's Mail Order Homes

Oct 29, 2015
Thomas Hamann (Courtesy Andrew Mutch)

Imagine this: you pick up a huge box at the train station, full of lumber and hinges and joints. You drag it away. You open it. You start building. And after days or weeks of hammering and drilling, you’ve built an entire house. Not just a playhouse or a shed. But you, yourself, have built the 3 bedrooms, the 2 bathrooms, the living room and the attic. For thousands of Americans back in the early 20th century, these so-called “kit houses” – ordered from catalogs -- were their homes. Andrew and Wendy Mutch are giving a talk on Michigan’s kit houses on November 2nd at the Kalamazoo Central Library.

WSW: Kalamazoo's Centuries-Long History of Beer

Sep 18, 2015
Courtesy, Keith Howard & Western Michigan University Archives and Regional History Collections

Local breweries like Bell’s Brewery and Arcadia Brewing have put Kalamazoo on the national craft beer radar. But the city’s been producing beer since the mid-1800s. Keith Howard, the web coordinator with the Kalamazoo Public Library, is giving a talk at the Washington Square Branch Library on September 22nd on the history of those breweries, and how we ended up where we are today.


What would you do with five to ten minutes to present a plan for making Kalamazoo a better place to live?

The forum will promote public dialogue about the relationship between Kalamazoo's Public Safety Department and the city's minority neighborhoods. This is a follow up to our radio series by Chris Killian.

Author Jerry Dennis will give a public presentation in Kalamazoo on March 3 at Kalamazoo Central High School.