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Michigan State Police

If you're traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday in Michigan, State Police troopers will be watching.

The department says it will have the largest "Operation CARE" program to date from Wednesday through Sunday. "CARE" is a national program that stands for "Combined Accident Reduction Effort."

Traffic enforcement patrols will be increased across Michigan with a focus on drunk drivers, careless driving, speeding, and people who aren't wearing seat belts.

Trustees approved renewal of contract with Sheriff's Department

Law enforcement officials said plate with orange sunset was not visible enough

Community service would be option instead of fining offenders' parents

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Like many cities, Kalamazoo has a trust problem. Many minority residents aren’t happy with the way they’re treated by the city’s Public Safety officers. And many in the department feel the public doesn’t give them enough credit. Could changing a largely white, male police force into one that’s more diverse help bridge that gap? In the last part of our series on the issue, WMUK’s Chris Killian reports on differing approaches to building better police-community relationships.