Local Government

Andy Robins / WMUK

The city of Kalamazoo’s coordinator for the new Foundation for Excellence says it’s “an experiment” in the best possible sense of the word.


Kalamazoo’s Foundation for Excellence will hold its first meeting Friday. 


What do Kalamazoo residents want the city look like in 2025, and how can it happen? A 15 month process to develop a new master plan has been trying to answer those questions.

Sehvilla Mann / WMUK

After two years when the Kalamazoo County administrator’s office was in flux, commissioners hired Tracie Moored for the post last fall. Last week, in a sign that perhaps stability has returned, the board approved a three-year contract. Moored joined WMUK’s West Southwest to talk about her approach to county government and her priorities for the next few years.

Battle Creek City Hall - file photo

Moving Battle Creek city elections would save money and could increase turnout. But it might also mean less focus on city elections sharing a ballot with state and federal elections.