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William Zick is a retired administrative law judge for the Michigan Employment Security Commission.  He is now an independent historian and Webmaster of AfriClassical.com, a website that features information about the music and lives of musicians and composers of African descent.  Zick talks with Jack Perlstein about his passion for this research.

The Crag and Canyon

Calgary-based Anna Štube, an 11-year old prodigy from Latvia, will perform in Kalamazoo Wednesday night in a concert sponsored by the Kalamazoo Latvian Association. She and her mother, Daiga Štube, who will accompany Anna on the piano, joined Cara Lieurance to preview the concert. They were also joined by Michael Hansen, a board member of the Kalamazoo Latvian Association.

Jack Perlstein Presents

Aug 14, 2017

Monday, Wednesday and Friday I'll be featuring music by Swedish Composer Lars-Erik Larsson, whose importance in Swedish society was measured, among other things including broadcasting and theatre, in his many musical compositions. He wrote symphonies for full orchestra, songs, several concertinos for different instruments, works for piano, concerti, chamber works, ballet and opera.

Chamber Music Festival of Saugatuck, via Facebook

The Chamber Music Festival of Saugatuck comes to a close this week with Schubert's expansive Octet in F for clarinet, horn, bassoon, two violins, viola, cello and bass, plus pieces by Mozart and Jan Bach. Grand Rapids Symphony horn player Paul Austin tells Cara Lieurance about his personal connection to the Octet and Schubert's music.

A Conversation with Dr. Carlos Handy

Aug 3, 2017

Dr. Carlos Handy, the grandson of W.C. Handy "Father of the Blues," talks with Jack Perlstein about the significance of his grandfather's contributions to American music, the influences and challenges that affected W.C. Handy's life and music.

Carlos was attending the 36th annual W.C. Handy Music Festival in Florence, Alabama last week when the conversation was recorded.

Dr. Handy has degrees in physics from Columbia University and is currently physics professor at Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas.