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Colin Way

Pavel Kolesnikov, as he waits for his plane in Seattle, tells Cara Lieurance he is fascinated by micro details - in music, in photographs, even in observing ordinary objects in an airport. It's a quality that brings new insights into music thought to be trifling, like Tchaikovsky's The Seasons, or well-trodden, like Chopin's Mazurkas. 

WMU Choirs

Kim Adams, director of choral activities at Western Michigan University, calls the annual holiday concert "a beast" to put together, but definitely worth the effort. Presented in a "surround sound" configuration at First Presbyterian Church, five choirs - the University Chorale, Collegiate Singers, Cantus Femina, Gold Company, and the Holiday Grand Chorus - create a continuous program of woven musical strands, modern and ancient. Adams previews the concert with Cara Lieurance, touching on a few of the musical highlights.


This evening at 7:30 pm, the Kontras Quartet will perform two masterworks of Mozart and Dvorak on the Live and Interactive! Series at Western Michigan University. In a conversation with Cara Lieurance, violinists Dmitri Pogorelev and François Henkins discuss the music and the joy of collaborating. "We are lucky to never have to play music we don't love," says Henkins. 

Ricardo André Frantz, via Wikimedia Commons

Directors Eric Strand and Ann Marie Boyle join Cara Lieurance to talk about Light and Love: Music for a Season of Peace. They say this concert will feature favorite works picked from the past 20 seasons of Early Music Michigan.

Guillaume Piolle, Wikimedia Commons

The three founders of Christmas In Kalamazoo join Cara Lieurance to talk about their 8th annual program, set for Tuesday, November 29, 7:30 pm, at the Centerpoint Church of Kalamazoo.