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On the night of a prestigious engagement at the Purcell Room in London, Irish singer Seán Tyrell was asked if he could provide a set list for the lighting designer. "No," he told the stage manager, who then asked if he knew which song he would sing first. "I'm sorry, I really don't," he replied. "I won't know until I get to the microphone."

Michael Wilson

Pianist Brad Mehldau and saxophonist Joshua Redman first performed together in Redman’s acclaimed quartet during the 1990s. In the next two decades, both Grammy-nominated musicians grew as leaders in their own ensembles. Now modern-day icons, they've reunited to tour with their new album, Nearness. 

Wikimedia Commons

Western Jazz Quartet saxophonist Andrew Rathbun and pianist Jeremy Siskind talk about the challenges and satisfaction of adding a new voice to the mix, with just one rehearsal to prepare. This is not uncommon in the jazz world, and according to Rathbun, John Hébert is one of the finest bassists working today.

Kalamazoo Singers

An evening of opera highlights and Broadway showstoppers at the Kalamazoo Institute of Art marks the official start of the Kalamazoo Singers' 40th season. Chorister and board member Katy Velten speaks about the role the group plays in her life. She says it brings together accomplished people from a variety of backgrounds who love to sing, and the range of the music - from European classical to American musicals and everything in between - is never boring. Velten also outlines the themes for the Kalamazoo Singers' upcoming concerts this season.

Kalamazoo Civic

Ben Zylman loves the ground-breaking Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, Oklahoma! for its message of optimism, its blending of drama and entertainment, and its peerless music. In an interview with Cara Lieurance, he and actors Josh Denks (Curley) and Brittin Schumaker (Laurey) talk about the musical from their perspectives as both performers and fans.