Michigan Department of natural Resources

Mark Mills with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources closes the gate to the temporary water control structure upstream of the Otsego Township Dam. The structure is there to help take pressure off of the dam while the cleanup takes place.
Rebecca Thiele

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has wanted to tear down dams along the Kalamazoo River since the ‘80s - to create better habitats for fish and other wildlife. But leftover PCB contamination behind the dams has kept that from happening. Now, due to an Environmental Protection Agency order, the Otsego Township Dam can finally be removed. That gives other dam owners hope that they can get rid of their crumbling dams too.

Last year marked the second season in a row with no hunting deaths in Michigan, according to a press release Tuesday by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. 

The DNR says hunting injuries and fatalities have dropped steadily since the state started keeping hunting records in 1970. That year the state also saw the highest number of hunting deaths on record with 18 people killed. The DNR credits hunter safety programs for the decline in fatalities.

A pair of white-tailed deer bucks feed by waters edge at dusk at Greater Fouty-Rutkowski Pond in East Lansing
AP Images/Al Goldis

While large herds of deer are dying every winter in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Parts of the Lower Peninsula are overrun with deer.

First Cases of Avian Flu Confirmed in Michigan

Jun 8, 2015

(MPRN-Lansing) A strain of bird flu that has devastated poultry farms across the Midwest has reached Michigan. 

The Michigan Court of Appeals has upheld the state’s ban on Russian boar and other breeds of exotic swine.