Michigan election law

2:00 pm
Tue January 29, 2013

Senate Majority Leader cool to electoral college change

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Bill was introduced in 2012, but not acted on. It would award most electoral votes by Congressional district.
Lansing - Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville said Tuesday he doesn't necessarily agree with a proposal to change the rule under which Michigan awards its 16 electoral votes to the presidential candidate winning the popular-vote majority. Rep.
1:08 pm
Tue December 4, 2012

House Committee approves bills to change recall elections

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An official facing recall would have an opponent, instead of a simple up or down vote on removal from office.
LANSING, MI - If Republicans take up controversial "right-to-work" legislation in the lame-duck session, some could face Wisconsin-style recalls organized by labor unions. On Tuesday, a state House panel on Tuesday voted to change the way those lawmakers and other elected officials are recalled in Michigan.