Michigan redistricting

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The campaign leader of the group Voters Not Politicians says there’s a conflict of interest in the current process for drawing the boundaries for Congressional and state Legislative districts. Katey Fahey says politicians in office should not be in charge of redistricting.

Hoadley Proposing Redistricting Reform

Jan 29, 2017
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Democrats in the state House say they want to make the redistricting process as impartial as possible. Representatives introduced legislation Thursday that would completely change Michigan’s redistricting process. 

Michigan voters will not see a proposal on redistricting on their November ballots. That’s even though many Democrats have said they’d like to change the state’s redistricting rules.

"The League of Women Voters in Michigan is hosting 30 town hall meetings around the state to address redistricting. The league is advocating for an independent commission to draw the lines for Congressional, State House, and Senate districts instead of letting politicians draw them." (WDET)

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“If we’re going to have a written Constitution it should be up to date,” says Craig Thiel, Senior Research Associate for the Citizens Research Council of Michigan.