Michigan road funding

"LANSING – It’s a sure sign of summer in Michigan: the orange highway construction barrel. The bane of drivers, the plastic cylinders are so plentiful that some consider the orange barrel Michigan’s state symbol." (Detroit Free Press)


A union-led petition drive is trying to increase the state’s Corporate Income Tax rate from 6 percent to 11 percent. The revenue would be used to fix roads. 

No Vote on Roads in July

Jul 22, 2015

The Legislature is on a summer break until mid-August. The House and the Senate both adjourned Tuesday with no quorums and no votes on road funding. 


The state House is scheduled to meet one day this week to try and reach a compromise on road funding. 


(MPRN-Lansing) Governor Rick Snyder says he hasn’t given up on getting a deal for more than a $1 billion dollars in new road revenue through the Legislature.