Michigan road funding


(MPRN-Makcinac Island) Coming up with more money for roads was a big topic of discussion this week on an island with no cars. The key issue at the Detroit Regional Chamber conference on Mackinac Island – can the Legislature finally come up with more than a $1 billion dollars in new revenue for transportation. 

Mike Lanka / WMU University Relations

Governor Rick Snyder (R) used the Detroit Regional Chamber’s annual Mackinac Island conference to deliver his sternest rebuke yet to a plan hatched by fellow Republicans to divert millions of dollars of economic development funds to roads. 

Kevin Lavery / WKAR

Republican state lawmakers are eyeing electric and hybrid vehicles as a possible source of road money. They say vehicles that are built to use less fuel should have to pay higher registration fees. 


(MPRN-Lansing) Budget talks are wrapping up at the state Capitol. As part of the discussion, lawmakers are looking to cut Michigan’s $50 million film incentive program in half. 

Kevin Lavery, WKAR

Western Michigan University Political Science Professor Peter Wielhouwer says compromise is the nature of politics. But he says Republicans who have made a commitment not to raise taxes are "in a box" on the issue of road funding.