Michigan welfare benefits

Kevin Lavery / WKAR

(MPRN-Lansing) Gov. Rick Snyder will decide whether to sign a bill tying welfare payments to school attendance. 


(MPRN-Lansing) State lawmakers have taken another step to revoke cash assistance from families with kids who persistently miss school. 

Massive State Department Merger Will go Forward

Mar 29, 2015
Kevin Lavery, WKAR

(MPRN-Lansing) State lawmakers will not try to block Gov. Rick Snyder’s plan to combine two of the state’s largest agencies. The Legislature begins its two-week spring break this week. 

(MPRN-Lansing) Michigan families could lose their cash assistance if one or more of their children persistently miss school. That’s under a bill approved by the state House on Thursday. 

Bill dealing with drug testing generated most debae