military veterans


(MPRN-Undated) A federal appeals court says a military reservist deserves for a jury to hear his case against the village of Vicksburg. 

"Embezzlement charges have been authorized against the former director of the Calhoun County Veterans Affairs Office. County Prosecutor David Gilbert said this morning he has authorized three counts of embezzlement by a county official over $50. Investigators believe Losey took about $42,000." (Battle Creek Enquirer)


Veterans will be honored with a ceremony Tuesday at Rose Park Veterans Memorial in Kalamazoo. 



Western Michigan University senior Chris Hickey says "the true story of war will be forever locked in the hearts and minds of those that went through it." 


On Veterans’ Day 2014, several students, faculty, and staff will share stories about their military service. It’s the first of a planned series of annual events called “Stories from the Barracks to the Front”.